Monday, 24 July 2017

Isabella The Red Queen

A while back I bought an OGL campaign supplement called "A Red And Pleasant Land" by Zak Smith which is a hybrid of Alice In Wonderland meets Dracula.  I've been subtly (very subtly in some cases) planting seeds in various D&D games over the past year that there is another world out there with thoughts that at some point I want to put my players through the setting.

The challenge with a lot of cool hybrid campaign ideas is that if you use miniatures it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.  Luckily in the case of one significant character not only was there a logical choice for a miniature but I already owned one.  For The Red Queen I'm using a Games Workshop Isabella Von Carstein model from their pre-Age Of Sigmar Warhammer range.

I think the hair is what really sold me on the idea of using this model but she feels like a really good fit for a vampiric take on the Lewis Carroll character.

The next thing I need to look for is men-at-arms that I can fit animal-masked heads onto.  Like I said hybrid campaigns aren't easy to find figures for.....



  1. Thanks very much!

    And thanks for Red And Pleasant Land, it's a fantastic book!