Saturday, 12 January 2019

There's always room for more Owlbear

My goal was to get my awesome WizKids Owlbear model done before my new Reaper Bones Black Owlbear shows up next week; mission accomplished!

When I first saw this Owlbear previewed ahead of its release late last year I was really impressed.  The pose was dynamic and the detail and texturing looked great.  My only issue to date with the WizKids line has been that they show digital sculpts on their website instead of actual models so I'm always a little worried something might not be quite as detailed or as nice as it looks online, that concern was 100% misplaced here.  The WizKids Owlbear has a ton of deep well executed texture and somehow simultaneously manages to crisply differentiate between the fur and feather textures while still making the areas where one transitions into the other extremely subtle.  I like the pose because it is dynamic and aggressive while still being a compactly positioned miniature that will transport well.  Overall I'm extremely happy with the miniature.

I went with a similar paint scheme to my previous Darksword Owlbear with the only real differences being the paws and the beak.

I need to paint some Monsterpocalypse stuff but after that I've got three more Owlbears to paint this week.


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