Thursday, 30 November 2017

Advent Calendar Day-0

Hi all,

After a long (2 month?) absence my buddy Darren has talked me into playing along with a paint plan/challenge/project he's doing over at his blog Metal Miniatures a 24 day advent calendar themed miniature collection.
Darren will be alternating back and forth between two projects, I've decided to do a single project all 24 days that will sort of follow something I had been working on before I stopped blogging a couple of months ago, 24 entries from the D&D Monster Manual.

The plan is to feature a new model for 1 Monster Manual entry per day from the current D&D Monster Manual from a variety of manufacturers.  Although there will be some horror and undead models I'm hoping to also use this to build my growing collection of classic D&D monsters as well.

Starting tomorrow, I'm back on the horse.  Can I post 24 days in a row?  I guess we'll find out together.