Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pip pip, cheerio, steady on, etc, etc

Over the years I keep getting interested in retro-sci-fi takes on World War 2 but I never get off my butt and actually paint anything.  The problem for me historically is that I'll pick some obscure rules that aren't available through my FLGS and then act genuinely surprised that no one else is jumping on board.

It seems after years of small press game companies thinking this would be a good idea a larger company has now gotten in on the act which means more accessibility for the average gamer.  Warlord Games has published Konflikt '47 which is sort of a "what-if" super-science take on the ongoing Second World War.  The other times I've brushed up against this have been AE-WW2 by Darkson Designs and Secrets Of The Third Reich by Westwind Productions.

Roughly 9-10 years ago I bought a bunch of stuff for Secrets Of The Third Reich and today I finally got enough of it painted to be useful for both Secrets Of The Third Reich and Konflikt '47.

What I've painted will be used (depending on your way of looking at at) as four five-man sections or two ten-man squads.  To make the figures useful (or maybe just more useful) for both systems I actually ended up painting 24 figures.

In Secrets Of The Third Reich each five-man section will have either a Sergeant or Corporal armed with a Bren-gun, one trooper armed with a Bren-gun and 3 troopers armed with Enfield rifles.

In Konflikt '47 each five-man section will have either a Sergeant or Corporal armed with a Sten-gun, one trooper armed with a Bren-gun and 3 troopers armed with Enfield rifles.

When I started this project my original intent was to use Warlord's Bolt Action British Infantry with some gas-mask heads but they didn't look super-sciencey (I just made up a word!) enough to me.  One of the things I really liked about the Westwind figures was that they were all depicted as wearing flak vests which might be historically inaccurate but feels better to me to go with the background.

I'll probably make a command section out of the Incursion MI-13 figures and then I just need to lay my hands on some suitable looking robots/mech-suits.

I've got to say specific projects aside it felt good to actually get a sizable number of figures painted in one sitting for the first time in a long time.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Imperial reinforcements have arrived!

A little while back I painted an Imperial starter box for Warzone, since then I've been building the odd thing here and there and contemplating what to add to my small force.

After shooting a video with Ash for his channel Guerrilla Miniature Games Prodos decided to hook us up with more models to play with so it looks like instead of my scattershot "buy what I can" approach I'll be fielding an Imperial Regular Army force.

Big thanks to Prodos and I'm hoping to  be showing these off painted within the next 2 weeks.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Happy...I'm going to say...Columbus Day

Here in Canada it's Thanksgiving today, in the U.S. it's Columbus Day.

But even though I'm in Canada I'm going to spend my Columbus Day painting some super-patriots!  Pulp City is a superhero miniature game I first got interested in years ago (7 or 8 years, I can't really remember) when it first came out but it never really gained any traction with my gaming groups so I slowly moved away into other superhero game systems.

A Kickstarter was fairly recently concluded for Pulp City to launch two new Cold-War themed superteams.  My buddy Ash will be working on the Soviet themed team while I will be working on the forces of the good ol' U S of A.  What I really enjoy about this launch is that while many of the figures will seem familiar or may even feel like direct rip-offs of existing characters to casual comic fans the truth is most of them represent tropes or archetypes that have been used by multiple characters in multiple different comic companies over the years.

For example the team leading, shield bearing Spybreaker will immediately put most people in mind of Captain America but he's also reminiscent of Agent Liberty, Spy-Smasher and The Shield.

I just started these figs this morning but I'm hoping to finished at least one or tow of them today.


Friday, 7 October 2016

If you go down to the woods today, we'll flay your friggin' hide!

That's how the song goes isn't it?

So in addition to finishing my Dark Avengers this morning I was also able to get my first unit of Dryads done this evening.  So if nothing else this feels like a productive day hobby-wise.

My struggle thus far with getting my Sylvaneth force really going has been that how I picture it doesn't entirely align with the background.  Rather than just fierce or militant forest spirits I actually like the idea of evil haunted woods (you can take the boy out of Sylvania but you can't take Sylvania out of the boy).  To that end I have gone with a bare minimum of vegetation on my Dryads and I've based them with a scorched malignant theme with the odd bit of scrub peeking out.

They're very basic, and honestly a little flat, but I actually like the overall effect.  I'm definitely doing at least one more unit of basic Dryads but I'm not sure what's next after that.  I've got some Treemen but the more I look at them the less I like the models.  I'm feeling a bit more inclined to maybe try using the Lord Of The Rings Treemen instead of the Warhammer Treemen but I want to start with one first and see how they scale together.

More on this to come?  I think?  Maybe?


Don't worry we're here to help, after all we are "heroes"

I managed to finish my Dark Avengers team with nearly 37 minutes to spare before the first game I'm using them in.  I've got to say, its been a while since I did that.

I'm really excited about having these figs because much like the Secret Six they will feel "right" whether they team they are fighting is made up of heroes or villains.

Knight Models does really nice well detailed figures but I have to say for the first time I encountered some minor problems with that.  The Iron Patriot has a well designed star-shaped unibeam on his chest but I found after priming and applying a basecoat to his chest plate I could barely find the outline to paint it afterwards.  Having said that at arms length on the tabletop it looks just  fine, it would just be nicer if the awesome sculpting work on this model was slightly better defined in the final casting.

Anyway, I'm off to fight mutant terrorists!


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Dark Avengers WIP

This morning before work I got a good start on my Dark Avengers team for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game.

The "Dark" Avengers were Norman Osborn's (the Green Goblin) team of heroes that he led once he became head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics.  The great thing about the original Dark Avengers concept was that the team was very much like The Thunderbolts or The Suicide Squad in that it was primarily composed of not reformed villains but also had the added twist that they were actively trying to pass themselves off as established heroes.
Ares and The Sentry were two morally questionable members of The Mighty Avengers team that immediately preceded The Dark Avengers.
Moonstone put on Ms Marvel's old costume as they already looked similar and had similar powers.
The assassin Bullseye  dressed up as Hawkeye.
Venom toned it down a bit to pass himself off as black suit Spider-Man.
And Norman Osborn himself hijacked a suit of Stark-tech armour and re branded himself as The Iron Patriot.

The Dark Avengers were one of my favourite comic runs of the past decade because it had everything that made comics great.  It was full of awesome art and action, had tons of story going on in both the background and the foreground, and managed to be dark while still having a sense of humour.

I'm looking forward to finishing up in the next day or two.


Should I use this figure as a mutant or a raider? I think the answer is yes!

I'm slowly transitioning away from straight up mutants and into raiders for This Is Not A Test, but to be perfectly honest a few of the first few figures I've selected are clearly still slightly mutated but don't show signs of any true beneficial mutations.

So the first example of that (second? do I count Mean Machine?) is Coke another awesome Neuroshima Tactics model.
Coke is a classic scavenger/raider type but his pinhead marks him as not quite purestrain human.
I'm probably sounding like a broken record on this at this point but the detail and character on this piece make me ask once again not only why I didn't but every Neuroshima Tactics model I could get my hands on when they were available but how this line failed in the first place?  This is a better fig than what a lot of successful companies are out there producing now.

Also I generally don't go in for showing off different angles on the same model but I had to show the "armour" that those straps are holding on his back.

Maybe he can be a post-apocalyptic Captain America?