Monday, 27 April 2015

First 2 Destroids half-way there!

I'm creeping towards the finish line on my first 2 destroids for Robotech.  These are the Tomahawks for Robotech and will be doing double duty as Warhammers in Battletech.

Basic colours are on, time to do some touch-ups and add some (painfully small) decals.


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Always with the zombie dogs.....

Finished up the final Canine Remains for Dr McMourning's crew.

It's great to have 4 of these again, they're great for seizing scheme markers and their synergy with McMourning and some of his buddies causing poison all over the place works really well.

I'm all caught up on Iron Painter and Malifaux, looks like my 2 Tomahawks for Robotech are next!


Friday, 17 April 2015

Iron Painter 'Fool's Gold' DONE!

I just finished up my entry for the first round of this year's Iron Painter competition.

I'm fairly happy with how he turned out but the vision in my head of dark and light working well together didn't quite yield the result I was looking for.

At any rate I'm happy with my effort and if I can figure out how to upload my pic to Wyrd's website my entry will be in tonight or tomorrow!


Resurrectionist reinforcements

I played a 40 Soul Stone game of Malifaux today and was able to get 3 new models done for the game.  I've still got 2 more from these 2 packs to finish up.

The Nurse is a really flexible model that can buff/de-buff other models and depending on what other models you are playing with can really set up knock out punches.

The Canine Remains are fantastic.  They were one of my favourite things in the first edition of the game and they continue to be really strong.  They are fast and cheap but they are not "insignificant" which is the term in Malifaux for models that can't claim or contest objectives.

There's still 1 more hound and 1 more nurse to be painted but I may or may not paint them next.  I'm REALLY excited about the University Of Transmortis set....


Monday, 13 April 2015

Hobby Grab Bag - The hobby A.D.D. is strong with this one....

Many different irons in the fire this week.  I've got a figure I need to finish for a painting contest by Friday, 2 figs that I need for a game on the same Friday, 1 figure that I had started for my D&D game and never finished, and at long last the start of my Robotech forces!

First up I got a bit (not much at all) more work done on my Jester for the Iron Painter.  The Jester will also being doing double duty in Mordheim.  At this point I have all of his brighter colours done, now it's time to go back and add the darker bits.

Next up I'm FINALLY circling back to Dr McMourning's nurses.  When I played in the Malifaux league I ended up playing Outcasts so the Nurses have been gathering dust for about a month.  Walking away from the league with a new box of Zombie Hounds got my excited about my Resurrectionists again, so more on that shortly.....

When I was bouncing back and forth on what my big bad monster for the snowy mountain would be in my D&D game the first idea I abandoned was a sasquatch.  I started painting him and I'd like to finish him just so he's not another half-painted figure on my desk.

And last but definitely not least, the figures that came out last year that I've been waiting for for almost 30 years....Robotech.  I'm starting my Robotech models off with the Destroids for 2 reasons; first up I haven't decided yet what I'm going to replace the ugly flight stands the veritechs came with, and second because I can use them as old school (3025 era) Battletech models!

That's it for now, if you don't at least see the Nurses and Jester done by the end of the week it means I screwed up.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Progress on "Fool's Gold" Iron Painter entry

Whoever said slow but steady wins the race has clearly never run an actual race.

I've been trying really hard to pace myself and let everything happen in it's due time but I'm starting to feel deadline crunch.  I've gotten some of my brighter colours blocked in and I'm hoping to finish the Jester's clothing tomorrow night.

I'm definitely starting to really like this guy and I'm starting to give serious consideration to actually using him as the Necromancer for my Mordheim gang.  I'm pretty sure my Vampire is going to be a cousin of the Von Carstein's from Mousillon.


There are no strings on me

Like any good comic-book nerd I've been getting pretty excited about the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie.  I decided to take a short break from my recent run of fantasy figures to repaint an Ultron Heroclix model.

He's pretty basic and I'm not exactly sure what game if any I'll end up using him in but I got him done in under an hour and it certainly scratched a fan-boy itch for me.

Now back to the Iron Painter!


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another great Citadel Technical Paint - Agrellan Earth

As part of my entry for the Iron Painter I'm going to try a new style of basing.  Having said that a lesson I learned in the past is not to "try" something new for the first time on a painting contest entry.

After seeing some awesome results in the Malifaux using Agrellan Earth I decided to try it myself, BUT learning the aforementioned lesson I decided to try it on a flat base.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and practising on a flat base gave me an idea how much (or how little) to use on my actual figure.

With the addition of some dry-brushing this will be my basing for my Jester as well as my soon-to-be Mordheim gang...and then possibly I might re-base my Undead/Vampire Counts army....possibly....


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Iron Painter 2015 WIP "Fool's Gold"

Wyrd Miniatures the company that produces Malifaux is hosting their annual Iron Painter competition and I decided to give it a shot this year.

Traditionally I stay away from painting competitions because my painting quality is just not in line with what people are really looking for but I decided to participate because the Iron Painter seems like a fun competition where I will get to paint a lot of different stuff.

The theme for Phase 1 is "Fool's Gold" and that is all the explanation that was given.  I decided I wanted a "fool" of some sort and some gold (I'm not the most imaginative person).  I went through my vast backlog of unpainted miniatures thinking something would jump out at me but I really didn't have anything that felt right.  I had a purchased a Bretonian Men-At-Arms kit a month or two ago from GW and was planning on using it for Warmachine (won't be doing that now BTW) but I forgot it includes some really great pieces to make a Jester.  And so my fool was born!

In sticking with the dark but humourous theme of Malifaux and taking some inspiration from Mordheim as well I've decided to make the Jester kind of a dark figure, perhaps a Jester from Mousillon or something like that.  To that end he will have some bright multi-coloured parts of his clothing but will also have some darker elements when he's done.

Hopefully I will do well enough to advance to the next round but one of the cool things about this contest is that even if you are eliminated you can continue participating, you are just no longer eligible to win.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Faux Malifaux?

After taking weeks and weeks to decide what Master to choose for Malifaux when I finally decided (Viktorias) the figures I needed were not available from the manufacturer.

So I decided to create my own Viktoria figures from the awesome Through The Breach female adventurer set.  The only real challenge in doing this is that the female adventurer box comes with a grand total of 1 Katana so I was going to have to steal a sword from somewhere else, or maybe fake it...or maybe both....

This is what I ended up with.  The players in my Malifaux league seemed to agree that theses were clearly the Viktorias so the met the WYSIWYG standard.  I wish I'd brushed up on their rules a bit more before playing because they were fairly effective even with me barely knowing what I was doing, I'm sure if I'd been more on the ball they would have been terrifying.

Our Malifaux league also wrapped up tonight with 50 Soul Stone games and I was fortunate enough to be one of the three lucky prize winners!  For my efforts I got a pack of the new Canine Remains which I will be adding in to my University Of Transmortis set to get back into the swing of things on the Ressurectionist side!

More Malifaux coming soon, but for now I'm off to Mordheim!