Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another great Citadel Technical Paint - Agrellan Earth

As part of my entry for the Iron Painter I'm going to try a new style of basing.  Having said that a lesson I learned in the past is not to "try" something new for the first time on a painting contest entry.

After seeing some awesome results in the Malifaux using Agrellan Earth I decided to try it myself, BUT learning the aforementioned lesson I decided to try it on a flat base.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and practising on a flat base gave me an idea how much (or how little) to use on my actual figure.

With the addition of some dry-brushing this will be my basing for my Jester as well as my soon-to-be Mordheim gang...and then possibly I might re-base my Undead/Vampire Counts army....possibly....



  1. I like to Dry Brush Agrellan Earth with Citadel Eldar Flesh. Works great!

    I discovered tonight (by accident) that Agrellan Earth tastes disgusting.

  3. Did you shotgun it like blue cheese?