Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Iron Painter 2015 WIP "Fool's Gold"

Wyrd Miniatures the company that produces Malifaux is hosting their annual Iron Painter competition and I decided to give it a shot this year.

Traditionally I stay away from painting competitions because my painting quality is just not in line with what people are really looking for but I decided to participate because the Iron Painter seems like a fun competition where I will get to paint a lot of different stuff.

The theme for Phase 1 is "Fool's Gold" and that is all the explanation that was given.  I decided I wanted a "fool" of some sort and some gold (I'm not the most imaginative person).  I went through my vast backlog of unpainted miniatures thinking something would jump out at me but I really didn't have anything that felt right.  I had a purchased a Bretonian Men-At-Arms kit a month or two ago from GW and was planning on using it for Warmachine (won't be doing that now BTW) but I forgot it includes some really great pieces to make a Jester.  And so my fool was born!

In sticking with the dark but humourous theme of Malifaux and taking some inspiration from Mordheim as well I've decided to make the Jester kind of a dark figure, perhaps a Jester from Mousillon or something like that.  To that end he will have some bright multi-coloured parts of his clothing but will also have some darker elements when he's done.

Hopefully I will do well enough to advance to the next round but one of the cool things about this contest is that even if you are eliminated you can continue participating, you are just no longer eligible to win.

Wish me luck!


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