Monday, 13 April 2015

Hobby Grab Bag - The hobby A.D.D. is strong with this one....

Many different irons in the fire this week.  I've got a figure I need to finish for a painting contest by Friday, 2 figs that I need for a game on the same Friday, 1 figure that I had started for my D&D game and never finished, and at long last the start of my Robotech forces!

First up I got a bit (not much at all) more work done on my Jester for the Iron Painter.  The Jester will also being doing double duty in Mordheim.  At this point I have all of his brighter colours done, now it's time to go back and add the darker bits.

Next up I'm FINALLY circling back to Dr McMourning's nurses.  When I played in the Malifaux league I ended up playing Outcasts so the Nurses have been gathering dust for about a month.  Walking away from the league with a new box of Zombie Hounds got my excited about my Resurrectionists again, so more on that shortly.....

When I was bouncing back and forth on what my big bad monster for the snowy mountain would be in my D&D game the first idea I abandoned was a sasquatch.  I started painting him and I'd like to finish him just so he's not another half-painted figure on my desk.

And last but definitely not least, the figures that came out last year that I've been waiting for for almost 30 years....Robotech.  I'm starting my Robotech models off with the Destroids for 2 reasons; first up I haven't decided yet what I'm going to replace the ugly flight stands the veritechs came with, and second because I can use them as old school (3025 era) Battletech models!

That's it for now, if you don't at least see the Nurses and Jester done by the end of the week it means I screwed up.


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