Monday, 13 July 2015

Age Of Sigmar - Ghouls (WIP)

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

I shared my thoughts last week on the new Age Of Sigmar rules for Warhammer and one of the things I walked away thinking was; hey great I can use my existing know....

So being a hobbyist I've decided to start up a semi-new Vampire/Death force in earnest.  I had originally been planning on playing Mordheim so I had picked up a few models but now I'm really exploring what I can do with Age Of Sigmar.  I've got to say the warscrolls have really gotten me away from thinking in terms of what a unit should look like (numbers, options, add-ons, etc) and have really sold me on looking at Warhammer box sets the same way I would look at Warmachine or Malifaux box sets, if it comes in a box it's a unit and I can use it that way.

So back to my Mordheim story; I had bought a box of ghouls with the intention of using 5 for Mordheim and keeping the rest aside for conversions, at one point I considered doing all 10 of them and starting a Warhammer Fantasy Battle unit but then I would need another box or two that I honestly wasn't sure I would ever field in a game.  Fast forward to Age Of Sigmar and my 10 Ghouls are a proper unit and can jump to the table once they're painted.

So far I've gotten the skin done and not much else, I'm planning an hour or two on them tonight and again tomorrow and then they should be done.

It's funny sometimes how the circle of your hobby life goes.  18 years ago when I had just started working for Games Workshop I was an avid 40K player who had never played Warhammer Fantasy.  I decided for my first staff tournament to play fantasy to force myself to collect an army and really learn the game.  The first unit I ever painted for my first fantasy army; Ghouls.  Now I've been gone from Games Workshop for 6-7 years and here I am looking at teaching myself a new version of Warhammer Fantasy and I'm painting Ghouls, sometimes it feels like you CAN go home again.



  1. Hey man I know this is an older post but how did you get that color for the ghoul flesh???

    1. No prob, I've painted some more ghouls and goblintown goblins the same way so it's still pretty fresh in my mind.

      1. Prime Black
      2. Basecoat Rakarth Flesh
      3. Heavy drybrush of Pallid Wytch Flesh
      4. Wash Seraphim Sepia
      5. Light drybrush of Pallid Wytch Flesh

      I didn't do it on this batch of ghouls but since these I've also started using a redline around the eyes instead of a black line to give them more of a 'sick' look.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks man I really appreciate it!!!

    1. No worries man!

      I'm actually looking at doing some more myself with the new Nagash book coming out next week :)