Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Perhaps its oddly fitting that the one member of the Suicide Squad who isn't really a member is the one I got a defective figure for and then had to substitute with a non-Suicide Squad model.

Katana is a character that has hung around the fringes of Batman comics for years but to be honest I didn't truly become aware of until she showed up on Arrow.  Katana is a classic Batman character in that she isn't a meta-human but is someone who has undergone an unbelievable amount of training and has one additional element (in this case the Sooultaker Katana) that makes her extraordinary.

From a game mechanics point of view Katana is extremely useful for securing objectives as she is a volunteer and not subject to the normal Suicide Squad rules which can result in models suddenly (explosively) being removed from play.  I'm assuming Rick Flag will also have this rule but I'll have to wait until he's released to take advantage of that.

This figure is from the core Batman Miniature Game line as unfortunately the Katana I got in my Suicide Squad box was miscast to the point of not being salvageable.  Having said that I do like this figure and I'm extremely happy with how she turned out.

Well, this is what I got done on my lunch break today so with any luck I can still get Deadshot done after work today.



  1. Looks great man. I put together my Katana last night and it was a pain to get the arms to line up and glue. It was the only model in the box so far that gave me trouble.

    1. I wish my issue was just lining it up :(
      Unfortunately I was missing the bottom hand on the Katana.
      The rest of the models have been great though!

  2. did you send night models an email most companies are pretty good about replacing damaged models if not a hand closed hand isn't the worst thing to putty up if theirs enough of a connection that you can put a pin out of the end of the katana to build on