Monday, 4 November 2019

Wardlings Female Rogue with multiple animal companions

I'm about to go on a string or painting monsters for some D&D games I'll be running over the next few months so I thought I'd take one last chance to show off a player character model before Christmas.

Full disclosure I didn't 'paint' this miniature.  This is one of the awesome Wardlings pre-painted models by WizKids, but I did touch it up and do some basing so here we are.

In my seemingly endless half-baked plans to get my daughter Zoe to play D&D I've gotten her to paint an assortment of miniatures but I've also picked out some cool looking models that I thought might appeal to her as a character.  This is one of those models.

The female rogue with badger is from the first release of Wardlings and in my opinion still holds up as one of the nicest models.

The studded leather armour, knives and crossbow are a great example of what I've referred to before about how I like the fact that the Wardlings models are children and pre-teens but they look like serious adventurers.  These are exactly the kind of miniatures 12 year old me would have been really excited about if they had existed when I first got into D&D back in the dark ages. 

A book of animal companion rules was just released on DMsGuild so I'm also thinking this is going to be the perfect time to use these miniatures with my daughter to draw inspiration from the Spirit Animals series of books by Scholastic.  Having said all that I know a badger wouldn't be her first choice of 'cool' animal to go on an adventure with so I grabbed one of the animals more up her alley from another pack to partner with the rogue; a lynx.

I also thought I'd snap a quick pick of the rogue standing next to an adult-sized model (Fergal from my last post) to highlight how well these models blend into existing fantasy figure lines. 

The Wardlings are smaller while very much remaining in scale with existing miniatures.

That's it for my for PC models for 2019 I think.  Time to dig out the Monster Manual and a notebook and start planning for the bad guys!



  1. Great interview on GMG.

    What Dms Guild adventures do you think are some of the best to look up? there are so many.

    The Madhouse of Tasha's Kiss looks good.

    Also yay Ravenloft! Don't forget to look at Eberron, Planscape, or Spelljammer as well though. Those are cool campaigns settings, and there is a new eberron book coming soon which could help drive views.


    1. Thanks very much!

      "Best" adventures is really hard to answer because a lot of that will come down to personal taste and play style. My top 3 recommendations without knowing anything about your personal tastes would be:
      1. Call From The Deep
      2. Wolf Lord Of Yol
      3. Uncaged Anthology Vol 2

      I will probably check out Eberron once it gets released. Unfortunately I'm under an infernal contract to not look into or research Spelljammer material :) Long story, maybe I'll post about it later this week now that you're got me thinking about it.

    2. Infernal Contract?! So Intriguing!

      Spelljammer was my fav back in the day, though you really need to change the journey time rules A LOT (to something like the Warp) as otherwise it takes months to go between Cystal spheres. Also the spelljammer novel series 'The Cloakmaster cycle' was surprisngly good' as a setting series.

      Looking forward to the post!