Saturday, 20 July 2013

Evil Treant (because why not?)

I hope my absence wasn't too long for everybody, I just got back from a much needed vacation and I'm back in the hobby swing with a small quick project tonight.

A recurring theme here lately has been my re-using and re-cycling pre-painted models but tonight I'm actually potentially using a piece of scenery from an old game as a gaming piece for  a new game.

Years ago after success with Mage Knight and then Heroclix the folks at WizKids started trying to make 'clix' games for every genre.  Some did okay and some did not.  One of the series that was moderately successful but never hit the heights of their big 2 was Horrorclix.  Horrorclix started out being a mash-up of B-movie tropes, classic nightmares and an assortment of other boogeymen before moving into the realms of Aliens and Predator and then falling off the map.  In the original Horrorclix starter set there was a map sheet and 1 piece of scenery included; a weird semi-sentient looking tree.  This piece sat on a shelf for years because I never knew if I would use it for anything but I couldn't bring myself to give it away or throw it out..  I took another look at it right before I left on my vacation and realized that it was much better suited to being used as a monster than as a piece of scenery....a few touch-ups and a base later and another model gets added to my growing collection of miscellaneous horror stuff.

It's good to be back and I'm looking forward to clearing off the remnants of my 3 outstanding painting projects from my desk and getting onto some new stuff shortly.


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