Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Super-Cop From The Future!

Today I decided to take a quick side-step back into superheroes and paint a Supersystem figure I bought quite awhile back; Krieghund.

The character is meant to be an evil villain from a pseudo Fourth Reich organization but when I first saw him my first thought was that he would work really as a member of the XSE (the future mutant police force of which Bishop of X-Men fame was a member).  I painted him up and realized almost immediately I didn't like how he had turned out, I had used some red and yellow details to match him up to Bishop's 90's era uniform but it just looked too bright for my liking.  So back to the drawing-board I decided to abandon the idea of using him as a Marvel character and decided he would be used in either DC Adventures or for actual Supersystem games. 

I'm very happy with how he turned out but I am very unhappy with my ability to get good photos of him.  In going with my darker pallet the whole thing looks vey monochromatic in the photos.  he actually has blue uniform, black boots and dark grey gloves and belt but in my pic it looks all one generic shade of "dark".


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