Friday, 20 September 2013

Immortal Brush Entry 1: DONE!

Part 1 of my 3 part plan to enter Strategies Games & Hobbies Immortal Brush Tournament has gone according to plan (which is great because part 2 fell apart.. literally, more on that later).  I did some touch-ups and changed the colour of the body armour on 5 of my space fascists and I'm quite satisfied.

I added highlights to the eye-lenses on the gas masks, cleaned up the bases a bit and repainted the body armour a MUCH lighter shade of gray (Dawnstone vs Skavenblight Dinge).  The overall effect is quite striking but unfortunately doesn't photograph particularly well (still being multiple shades of gray).  This will now be my new paint scheme for my space fascists and when time presents itself I will be going back and bringing my other finished figs from this collection up to date with these colour changes.

I'm glad part 1 went well because as I mentioned part 2 fell apart, those Celt figures actually fell apart while they were sitting untouched on my painting table.  I had assembled 3 units last week (5 Celts, 5 Sanguinary Guard and 6 new Greatcoat troopers) and when I came home from work that night I found them standing stock still with various arms, weapons and upper torsos just lying next to them.  The culprit appears to be my plastic cement because all the damaged figures had globs of the stuff crusted on the busted joints but none of it appears to have actually melted and fused the plastic.

I'm undecided at this point if I'm going to build another 5 Celts using a different glue, or if I might just pick a different unit altogether.

Stay tuned and find out!



  1. I had the same problem with my Zulus. So I switched to a new glue called Plastruct Plastic Weld. It works fantastic. $6.99 2oz sold at your favorite hobby shop! While testing new glues to carry in the shop I also came across Ambroid Pro Weld. It works too.

    1. I think I'll get some of that Plastruct Plastic Weld a few days after the Immortal Brush Competition.

      Incidentally you should really think about using these Greatcoat Troopers in your Bauhaus army.

    2. You gave me so many plastic Bahaus from the starter set a long time, I don't think I'll ever need more!

      But I did buy this kit for my Nephew. The options are great, you can even do cultists!

    3. I assume you're referring to the Cthuluhu-heads :)