Saturday, 23 November 2013

Blood Angels: Beginning my Tactical Squads

I started work on my first 3 Tactical Marines a few days ago and thought I'd show how things start.

The plan is to do 2 Tactical Squads and I'm hoping to make 12 of the 14 bolter armed marines I need out of the simple 3 piece figs from the old 3 pack of marines.  I've tracked down 9 so far so I just need to get my grubby hands on 3 more and I'm set.
There are 3 reasons I've decided to use these figures to fill out the squads:
1.  Call me a traditionalist but I actually like the poses.
2.  After my recent trauma with plastic figures falling apart on me I'm not excited to assemble the 10 separate pieces to make each bolter armed trooper.
3.  I'm being lazy.

The basic process I've used starting all my red Blood Angels figures is 3 steps before I do any detail work:

1.  Clean and assemble all the figures

2.  Thoroughly undercoat every figure in black

3.  Spray on a light coat of Army Painter Pure Red Spray

The reason I undercoat black and then spray the red as opposed to the more traditional (when using coloured sprays approach) just spray a heavier coat of red to do double duty as paint and primer is I like the somewhat uneven look using the red spray over a black primer gives me.  It looks more like the armour itself is actually painted red and less like it's been cast from a red armoured material.

My next 3 steps should be showing up here in a day or two.


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