Sunday, 29 December 2013

Church Of Morrow

Father Dumas is now done!
I experimented with a new way of doing off-white robes and it almost/mostly worked out the way I wanted.  In hindsight I should have washed each section individually and then moved on to the next section after the first dried but that's a lesson for next time.

My two key representatives for the Church Of Morrow will be Father Dumas and his young acolyte to be named later.

So far so good, now off to work on a villain or two!



  1. Hopefully there won't be too many old RPG grognards showing up here and saying, "Hey, that's not The Morrow Project!"

    Good looking figs though!

  2. As far as "plain robed' priests go, those are pretty neat! I'm so used to elaborate Sigmarites and 40k Imperials that it's kind of refreshing to have some acolytes that look "realistic".

  3. Thanks guys!

    I think this may also represent the first time I've painted a cleric/priest type who isn't as armoured-up as a knight.