Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Up On A Soapbox: Now Hiring Wizards, No Experience Required

I've been a role-player and a miniature gamer for almost 30 years now and in that time I've been able to find miniatures for almost everything I could possible need for a fantasy RPG no matter how bizarre (half-orc monk?  yep I've got that) but in spite of that there is one figure that I feel has consistently eluded me; the low level human male wizard.

There are literally hundreds of 25-30mm male human wizard figures out there but they all seem to either be old-men patterned after Lord Of The Rings wizards which just doesn't gel with my idea of how a low-level wizard would look, or they are "battle" wizards armed and armoured in a way that doesn't really work for a Pathfinder or D&D game.  Ironically as soon as you start looking at elf or female human figs there seem to be a lot of good choices but I can't seem to find a human male that fits the bill.

I can't tell if my problem is that I'm being overly specific or if my problem is that what I want isn't what other players and GMs want but I would love to find a half-dozen or so male human wizards that don't look like high-level bad-asses.

Anybody out there have any suggestions?  Anybody out there encountered the same problem?  Anybody out there have their own "why can't I find this?" type of figure?



  1. Have you tried using


    There are a couple I found there that might work for you.
    This one in particular stood out:


  2. I concur; Reaper's tool is brilliant and their site is comprehensive; a buddy found a great young wizard to use as a backup character using it: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/02637

  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    Looking back over my posts I hope you can see that I'm a big fan of Reaper but one of the problems I've had with choosing figures from their site is that their photos of unpainted models frequently don't reveal all the details.

    I actually thought I had the perfect figure last week (obviously before I wrote this post) and then got him in the mail and suddenly realized he was an elf and not a human.

    Having said that I'm going through Reaper's site now and I'll probably pick 2-3 more likely candidates.

  4. I think the link Stephen posted is a good choice for a younger less-badass wizard.

  5. This guy is from my favourite line of minis; Otherworld


  6. Wow! That fig Steve posted is PERFECT!