Monday, 5 June 2017

"I am Dungeon Master, your guide to the world of Dungeons & Dragons!"

If like me your first foray into Dungeons & Dragons was the red box basic set with the Easley art (awesome by the way!) on the cover you probably also watched the short lived Dungeons & Dragons animated show.  The show was about a group of kids plucked from the real world and dropped into the world of the game.  One of the narrative devices on the show was that there was an actual character called Dungeon Master who would send the kids on quests, fill in some backstory, and occasionally interact with the show's main villain Venger (more on him in an upcoming post).

Antediluvian Miniatures which produces an amazing line of pulp models also has some D&D animated show inspired models available.  They've got the main cast re-imagined as adult characters, pig-faced orcs, Venger and Dungeon Master.

I decided to start with Dungeon Master as he is a single small figure I could get done quickly and I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with some larger painting projects lately so this seemed like a good way to get something done.

I've seen the figure used in games as a gnome illusionist and a wizard but honestly I think he's just a cool model that's going to sit on my shelf for now.

Awhile back the animated series was released on DVD with a D&D 3.5 edition sourcebook included so I may also dig that out and see if the current D&D would be a way to run that content.

Hopefully this means I'm back to painting over the next couple of weeks as I need to get a few units done for some games fairly quickly...oh and Venger.



  1. Did you get the six figure set of the kids as adults? I want figures of the cast...

    1. I didn't.

      My initial order was; Dungeon Master, Venger and one pack of pig-faced orcs. I'm pretty sure there are more orcs and the kids in my future though.