Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane

While I was waiting for some washes and basing material to dry on my next 4 Arbites I was able to crank out another Game Of Thrones model; Sandor Clegane.

As I've referenced before one of the things I like about Game Of Thrones is that a lot of the heroic characters are flawed and a lot of the villainous characters have redeeming quality.  At this point I'm honestly not sure which of those two categories The Hound fits into.  During the first season he does some pretty terrible things (he's on the GoT list of child murderers) but by the sixth season hes trying to be a better person (although still violent and profane).

My favourite feature of this model is that is actually comes with 3 separate heads.  The first is a bare head showing Sandor's scars, the second is wearing his helmet with his visor up, and the third is the one I used where his helmet is on with the face-plate down.

I liked this option the most as it was the most unique and sinister looking.  I also figured if I wanted him to be a nameless/faceless nemesis in a future RPG that helmet is pretty intimidating.

Okay, my Arbites look dry, back to work.


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