Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Here I Go Again (the prequel to the beginning of the new start)

How do I even explain this?

Is the first step to solving a problem admitting you have one?

Maybe I am an addict if I can't even say "I can stop whenever I want" with a straight face....

One of the things that is common with miniature gamers is that we acquire models much faster than we actually use them.  This is pretty standard issue stuff and not any kind of breaking news.  Among certain slow moving painters this can over a prolonged period of time result in them hitting manic periods where they suddenly feel a rush to get an old project completed before the replacement models for it get released, when this happens you've generally been sitting on unpainted models for years (so happy I finally painted my Ambull last year).  But in some other cases it means you acquire way more of a certain model than you need, with far more frequency than you actually need it.

I like Owlbears.

I like Owlbears a lot.

I have way more Owlbear miniatures than any one player could possibly ever need or use.


Reaper has a new Owlbear model coming out, and there are 2 of them on their way to me right now (Darren I'll forward one for you as soon as it arrives), and I still haven't painted my awesome WizKids Owlbear I got in December.

So now this guy needs to get painted before the USPS drops more new Owlbears on my doorstep.

Did I explain it?

Do I have a problem?



  1. I understand Owlbears. We should form a support group.

    1. When those Bones Black Owlbears show up we should do some sort of painting contest :)