Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Up On A Soapbox - Let's put one in the win column!

Hi all!

A couple of months ago I got up on my soapbox to complain about late/delayed/false deliver of crowd-funded gaming products, today I want to share a quick note about a product that arrived looking awesome, and much sooner than I would have anticipated.

Generally I have been very reluctant to back crowdfunds for single RPG books as the shipping cost to Canada tends to be prohibitive.  Having said that a while back I stumbled on a Kickstarter for a Cthulhu-themed D&D 5e one-shot that I thought would be really appealing to some of my players titled "What Happened To Evy Ashwood?"

On a complete whim I decided to back the project, and then I got my survey right as all everything started going crazy with the global pandemic so I figured that although I would certainly fill it out I'd be waiting weeks or even months to receive my book.  I completed my survey last week, my book arrived today!  I haven't had a chance to read through the adventure yet, but the book is physically gorgeous and contains both a 40 page one-shot adventure, and 24 additional pages of mythos inspired items and critters.

A full review will be forth-coming but I wanted to speak up and celebrate a small publisher REALLY exceeding my expectations and delivering a great looking product promptly.

Thanks Midnight Tower!  I am definitely excited to back whatever you have coming next!


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