Thursday, 1 August 2013

A boy and his dog

....actually that's a different post-apocalyptic movie from the 70s....

The last of the V8 Interceptors is still in the shop getting a last few licks of paint, one day I will abandon the desire to paint white on large flat surfaces and my painting speed will improve greatly, but in the meantime I decided to paint the figures no post apocalyptic vehicles combat game can live without "Mad" Max Rockatansky.

I'm very happy to have figs for Max and his dog, but I have to confess, on the few occasions I have painted 20mm human-sized models I always end up feeling like a pilgrim in an unholy land.  I know at 20mm I should put in a bit more detail work than with say a 15mm model but somehow (maybe just bad luck on my part) all the 20mm models I get seem to be sculpted worse than the 15mm models I get.  Max's dog is great, the figure has the exact right amount of detail and texturing to get a satisfying effect...Max on the other hand is definitely not a great sculpt.  Don't get me wrong the figure is perfectly serviceable and on the tabletop he will look great but upon any close inspection (like say a photo for instance) you can see that his hands are horribly sculpted.  His gun hand is at least twice as long as it should be and his other hand is more claw than hand.  In spite of this I expect the 'cool' factor will distract my opponents from any imperfections in the figure itself.

I've got the Interceptor and 3 bikes to do before calling it quits for this stuff until I find some more good models for the genre, but I'm looking forward to the search!


Incidentally I had to postpone my Dark Future game today due to a family issue but hopefully I'll reschedule for next week and then I can show off some gaming pics from the grim "future" of 1995!


  1. Mad Max definitely has a "cool factor!"

  2. I really want to see pictures of your Dark Future game!!!

  3. I'd also like to hear a Warlands vs Car Wars vs Dark Future review.