Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Everytime I think I'm out...they pull me back in!

Today I finally made a trip to the post office to make good on my lost painting bet with Darren awhile (quite awhile actually) back.

For the third time in three lost painting bets I painted one of his Space Hulk terminators for him and painting that figure made me realize it's been a long time since I painted some 40K figures and one army in particular.  First I'll do the cool hobby part and show you Darren's newest model and then those of you who are interested can read below about my new project.


As I'm sure most of you who either follow this blog or know me personally realize I paint ALOT of models.  In my opinion I generally get them done fairly quickly and I seldom struggle to field full forces of finished miniatures in my games.  Having said that there is one army I have been saying I'm going to paint since about 1988 and yet I never get anything finished for it...The Blood Angels.

I don't know what it is, I've gotten at least a dozen false starts on the army and over the years I have painted 5 full Space Marine armies (all of which I was less interested in than Blood Angels) but I never quite get over the hump with Blood Angels.

So, I've decided between now and Christmas this year I'm going to get a decent size Blood Angels army fully painted and it's going to be my best painted GW army to date.  So I plan to actually drive myself to do this while simultaneously slowing down and taking my time with my painting.  I'm going to try painting the army a single figure at a time like RPG miniatures rather than assembly line style the way I usually paint armies.  I hope when I'm done to finally have the army I've always wanted, as well as having a force that is both more competitive in tournament play and easier to transport than my Imperial Guard or Adeptus Arbites army.

I'll be starting off by painting up a Terminator Squad made up of figures from the most recent edition of Space Hulk (generously given to me by my buddy Mark, thanks Mark!).  I'm also going to paint the Librarian from the set to give me my first character for the army.  Beyond that I'm going to pick things up one unit or character at a time and take my time doing the best paint jobs I can.

Wish me luck!



  1. I'm glad you are going to get use of them!
    good luck on the Army, you'll probably finish it well before I ever finish my Eldar!

    1. Thanks man!

      So far so good. My first 2 are done and my next 4 are in progress. I think after these I might do some Assault Marines.

  2. I look at this squad as you getting a jump on the next figs you'll have to paint for me. ;>

    1. I know I've done 3 of yours, how many do you have left to do?