Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More figs for Supersystem!

I haven't had much to post lately because I've been doing the very boring job of touching up my old Cadian army so I can get it ready to play some games again.

I did however find some time this week to get 2 more super heroes done and I have 4 more on my desk in progress now.

First up is a figure by Reaper (who's actual name escapes me) that I have done up as a generic paragon type character.  Basically he's your "superman-type".  I really like this figure because even though he's very classically heroic looking there's something overly serious about his face.  It kind of put me in mind of Hyperion from Marvel comics.

Next up from Four Color Figures (the official Supersystem minis line) is the Emerald Alien who I have re-purposed as a living being made up of terrigen crystals.  Terrigen crystals are what give the Inhumans (Kree-Human hybrids, again Marvel comics) their special powers and I was planning on painting some Kree and Inhumans down the road to use while gaming so this seemed like a good jumping off point.

More to come soon!


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