Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Blood Angels take the field for the first time!

Well I finally finished up my two half tactical squads and my temporary captain (VERY temporary as it turns out...) and got in my first game of Warhammer 40,000 in about four or five years tonight.

My friend Stan who runs the excellent Games Workshop store at the Square One shopping centre in Mississauga was good enough to accommodate my oddly pointed force (we played a 585 point game) with a small portion of his really cool Chaos Marine army.

First up lets look at what I was able to get finished for our game...(this is in addition to the Space Hulk Terminators I painted last year.

My two half Tactical squads each featured a Sergeant with a Plasma Pistol as that is the closest you can get to an anti-armour choice with five-man squads using the Blood Angels army list.  The Plasma Pistols were a mixed bag, 1 of them on my left flank picked off a couple of power armoured Chaos Marines so that felt well worth the point but the one on my right flank failed to penetrate the armour of a Rhino through 3 rounds of shooting so no so good there.

My Captain who I decided to paint in Death Company colours was thoroughly unimpressive.  He failed every Iron Halo save he got, caused 1 wound with his Plasma Pistol and due to his extremely crappy Iron Halo saves was killed before landing a single blow with his Power Fist.  I have since revised my use of him from "temporary" to "retired" he will not be appearing in another game unless he is a second character rather than my army general.

My star players were definitely my five-man Terminator Squad.  Although they were wiped out (by cultists!) they more than made up their points as they killed; the Chaos Marine Lord, a Chaos Marine Dreadnought and some giant space-pony thing that looked like it was probably pretty bad news.

I lost the game 2 objectives controlled to 1 but had a great time playing my first game under the current 40K rules (which I have to say I think are AWESOME).  I also learnt a few things to inform my next few choices on what to add to my army so I'm pretty excited about that.



  1. Sweet! Glad to hear you had a good time, and are enjoying the new edition!

    Sorry to hear about Captain Power Fist, didn't mean to jinx him. He could always go back to being a sergeant...

    Any plans on what to do to bring the army up to 1k?

    1. Thanks Dave! What's not to enjoy?

      At this point I'm painting the stuff I want as I want to do it rather than working towards a specific goal in terms of points but the next few things planned are:
      - add 5 marines to each Tac Squad including a Missile Launcher and Flamer
      - add 5 Death Company with Jump Packs
      - drop Captain self-destruct and replace him with a different officer model (Terminator Librarian or Captain with Jump Pack)

      I was also hoping to add a Dreadnought with Multi-Melta but I didn't realize the only place to get one had been Assault On Black Reach and that ship has sailed. So after adding my next 15 marines and a new leader I'll re-assess but it looks like I will definitely still be looking for an anti-armour option.