Thursday, 1 May 2014

A change of leadership

I've continued working on my Blood Angels over the last few days.  I've been a little scatter-shot which has resulted in a lot of work being done without a lot actually getting finished.  Basically there are 20 marines on my painting desk right now (10 Tactical Marines, 5 Assault Marines & 5 Death Company) but in the interim I did finally finish my Terminator Librarian so my Captain can start enjoying his early retirement.

Not a whole lot to say about this guy, he's another one of the really nice Blood Angel figures from the Space Hulk box set and he should (hopefully) give my force a character who is a legitimate threat in close combat.

Here's a group shot of everything that's done so far.

The plan is to fill out those two Tactical Squads to full size next while also giving them their special and heavy weapons to add some teeth.



  1. have you considered using the dead terminator in the chair as a captain ive seen some really nice conversion based of that model

    1. Thanks for the idea Brad.

      I actually don't have that model but my next Captain for my Blood Angels is going to be the Master Of The Assault company Finecast figure. The cool axe and jump pack look awesome and there are also 2 squads of jump pack equipped infantry looming on the horizon for me!