Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Minor variations in scale make my OCD itch....

The other day I was reading over a Pathfinder adventure that I'm thinking of running as a one-off at some point, The Skinsaw Murders.

A couple of years ago I had started a Pathfinder campaign and I had planted some seeds in it to use some published adventures one of which was the Skinsaw Murders.  Skinsaw Murders was one of the first adventures published for Pathfinder and it holds up really well.  It's basically a murder mystery with some creepy supernatural elements that has a really cool vibe and steps outside of the usual dungeon crawls that tend to be my bread and butter.

As a miniature gamer any time I read a gaming supplement or module and think I might want to play it I immediately check out my miniature collection to figure out what I have and what I need to paint.  One of the things I need if I'm going to game this adventure is a few ghouls which is no issue because I have over a hundred of them for Warhammer....but gee they seem kind of small....that's okay I'll make do...but they do seem small.......okay I'll paint some newer bigger ghouls.

I wanted some 30mm ghouls that would fit in with my other Pathfinder miniatures but I didn't find any that really jumped out at me.  However I did have some Damned Of Sloth models for Helldorado that actually looked like they would make terrific ghouls and felt like they fit fairly well with the aesthetic of the other models in my collection.

I probably won't be running this game any time soon but it's still nice to get some models done early for a game that will happen in the future.


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