Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I haven't forgotten about the Witchfire Trilogy....

I've been bouncing around some other projects lately but I still have (had) 2 figures to finish for my Witchfire Trilogy game.

This morning I wrapped up Julian Helstron who is the watch commander in Corvis during the time the adventure is set.

As it turns out unless the party goes crazy I probably won't need a figure to represent him until a few sessions in but it's still nice to have.  He's a great figure to add to my collection because thus far I don't have a lot of pistol armed fantasy figures.  I might delve back into the Confrontation figures to add to the city watch.

I'm also contemplating a quick scenery detour.  I've got a bunch of extra Warhammer Fantasy buildings I haven't built yet so I was thinking I might hit Home Depot and pick-up some piping and tubing and see if I can steampunk them up a bit.


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