Thursday, 8 May 2014

First Blood Angels Tactical Squad DONE!

Last night I was able to put the finishing touches on five more Tactical Marines to round out my first full squad.

Adding these five guys does a few things for me.  First up it adds 80 points to my force, secondly it allows me to have some better weapons (ten man squads can have a heavy weapon and special weapon), and third if/when the Blood Angels rules get revised it will give me proper weapons and marked leaders to separate the squad back into combat squads.

I'm extremely happy with how these figures turned out and I'm definitely a huge fan of the newest version of the Space Marine Tactical Squad box.  The old box was good but having more options for the Sergeant, as well as some different posing options for the bolter armed marines feels like a quantum leap forward.

I'm very satisfied with the progress I've been making lately and I'm hoping to get my second small (but slightly larger) game in next week.



  1. Looking sharp thus far Jay, looking forward to seeing that next battle report!

    Oh, and I totally agree on the new tactical box, a very pleasant surprise!

    1. Thanks Dave.

      I feel like I've been trying to decide what shade of red to paint Blood Angels for 20 years.

      I think if you're playing Space Marines even if you don't need another Tactical Squad that box is great to have just for bits and conversions.