Friday, 16 May 2014

Strike/Titan Team

Over the years I've painted a lot of SWAT and Special Forces figures to use in games but I always manage to seem to find more that I could use in one way or another.  The three figs I touched up and re-based today are more Heroclix from the Winter Soldier set.

I'll be using these guys as a SHIELD Strike Team or possibly using their images to represent a Titan Team in the Top Secret SI game I'm currently playing in.  The centre figure (Brock Rumlow from the movie) would also make a decent survivor miniature in a post-apocalyptic setting.



  1. Sweeeeeet! Good thinking.
    We will need these as a Titan team.!

    1. There will be 2 more added to the team tomorrow. After those get get done I'll do close-up shots so you can use them as counters.