Monday, 2 June 2014

What do you mean I can actually PLAY Pathfinder?

So after running a lot of Pathfinder games over the last few years I finally got a chance to play in one tonight.  My friend Darcy ran me through Blackfang's Dungeon, which is the introductory adventure in the Pathfinder Beginners Box.  The funny thing is I know I ran that adventure myself two or three years ago when the Beginner Box first came out but I honestly couldn't remember it (beyond the fact that the final baddie was a black dragon) at all.

For this game I played two characters; a cleric of Gorum represented by my trusty Redgar miniature and a Rogue that I painted up specifically for the game on the spur of the moment.

I've had this rogue model for awhile but I seldom play myself and I can't remember the last time one of my players actually played a rogue so I hadn't needed to paint it.  I decided I needed to add a new model for the game so I knocked this out in about 30 minutes.  He took a base coat of Cryx Bane Base and then I picked out details, gave it a couple of washes and called it done.  Nothing spectacular or earth shattering but it's another type of character I didn't have in my collection before so I'm happy with that.

The other thing is Zoe spent most of the night hanging around the game table watching what we were doing and showing off her painted models so there might be another instalment of Zoe's World on the horizon.


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