Monday, 9 June 2014

Zoe's World: Two-For-One

A week ahead of schedule Zoe decided to sit down and paint up a new miniature to play Pathfinder with.  However she was really dedicated to the idea that she HAD to finish the half-painted super-heroine figure she had started weeks ago.  So before moving on to Isabeau she finished up her first super-heroine for Supersystem.

I had a lot of funny moments while helping Zoe with this figure.  The first one was that after seeing some of my friends' miniatures she commented that my bases were "boring" and that she wanted something fancier for her figures.  This resulted in my chopping up some old wall sections to give her 3 super-heroines some textured bases to run around on.  She also wanted to go with a bright colour palette on this fig which ended up with something that should fit in well with any supers games we end up playing.

And at this point I have to ask my now obligatory obscure knowledge question; can anyone guess what B-list Marvel character this figure was before Zoe re-painted it?  This one is extra tricky because this character has been depicted in both animation and live-action but for some reason in both of those appearances the character's appearance was altered RADICALLY from their comics look.

Next up Isabeau.  This gives Zoe a classic (and statistically survivable) character to play her first Pathfinder game with.  A heavily armoured fighter with a sword and shield Isabeau should be a good first character choice.

This figure is one of the Reaper Bones figures and I have to say it did present some painting challenges for Zoe.  The Bones material is a soft vinyl which although I think is adequate at holding detail when you have a young or inexperienced painter who tends to put their paints on a bit thick you can lose detail very quickly.  Luckily Citadel Washes were up to the task of bringing most of the details back.  I expect the Bones figures will be fantastic for her to actually play with because they should be quite durable, we just need to slow down a bit (honestly not my forte either) when painting them.

Painting Isabeau from start to finish and painting her super-heroine's skin and hair took Zoe a total of about 2 hours and until we hit the washes it was with little to no interference from me.



  1. Impressive on many levels!
    - 2 hours painting straight for a kid is huge
    - Wanting to go back and complete a project before moving on
    - Finishing two figs in 2 hours.

    Jay, you've created a super being!

    1. She really seems to have a knack for painting.

      And I've also got to say that the fact that she's seven and her figures turn out fairly crisply should be considered a HUGE endorsement of Citadel Shades/Washes. Those things instantly clean up any imperfections in her figures.

  2. Awesome job Zoe!

    And she's already mastered two things - completing projects before moving onto the next, and making the hobby your own! I still haven't managed the first . . .

    1. Obviously my fear is that if she continues a trend of finishing things even when she would rather be painting something else she might get "outed" as not being a real hobbyist :)

  3. I got no guesses but for anyone who was curious the super heroine (formerly villain) was Arclight from the Marauders, one of Mister Sinister's not so merry band.