Thursday, 26 June 2014

My return through the breach

Tonight I played my first game of the now not so new Second Edition of Malifaux and I have to say it was really good.  The second edition of the game retains all the mechanics that made the original game so good but strips away a lot of redundant detail from the individual models leaving them with the abilities that actually get used in a game.

For my first run through I used a 15 Soul Stone force led by Sybelle with 2 Rotten Belles and 1 Necropunk.  It wasn't a bad force to learn with but it lacked real punch and by the end of the game I was in pretty bad shape.

One of my local game stores, Hobby Kingdom is hosting an event they call the Slaux Graux Malifaux league.  The idea is to encourage players to collect and paint new forces and learn the game as they build up.  My initial plan was to paint a new Rasputina crew but then I was informed that that's the only starter without a Henchman (sort of a junior leader) in it and that I would need a Henchman until my games topped 26 Soul Stones.  So I've decided to go ahead and paint the new McMourning models up and use that.  The one thing I mentioned to Jordan one of the guys I had been playing with is that I would definitely NOT be making an effort to do any painting this weekend because I have extra time to spend with my wife and daughter and I would wait to start painting until after July here are the first 2 models that I stayed up until 1 am painting tonight.......

I decided to do the dogs first because I thought they would be an easy start.  I still feel that element of my decision was correct but in hindsight my mistake was not really planning out what I was doing.  I might use the Canine Remains in my first few games but the Chihuahua won't be an option until I can field my Master.

I've still got some work to do on their bases but I pretty happy with how they turned out and it did give me a chance to experiment with the new Blood For The Blood God Technical Paint from Games Workshop which I have to say I was pretty impressed with.

So I guess the real question is tomorrow will I chill out or will I be sitting at my desk after midnight working on more figs?



  1. Initially, I thought Malifaux looked a bit silly, but when I got a chance to paint up the new Viktorias box, and play a couple games, I can really see the appeal!

    It's really a brain-burner, though. I'm glad I never gave 1st edition a shot 'cause if the new stat cards are "stripped away," then the previous edition would'a tore my mind.

    1. In first ed there were some cards that were 4 pages double sided so 4 TIMES the amount of info that's on a current card.

      Even a basic model had 2 pages double sided so roughly twice the data that's on a current card.