Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More fantasy steampunky goodness

One of the things I mentioned in an earlier post is that I was going to be painting alongside Zoe with figures that went along with or were similar to the figs she was painting.  During her last session while she was painting her armoured female paladin with blue robes I was painting an armoured female warcaster with blue robes.

I'm not entirely happy with how Ashlyn turned out.  I feel like the face ended up with too much primer on it and ended up losing some detail.  In any event it was really just an exercise in efficiency and from that point of view it went fairly well.  Ashlyn won't be winning any painting contest but she was sort of an "extra" figure I had lying around and I got her done in roughly 30 minutes.

The other figure I got done while Zoe was painting was this generic pulp style robot from Reaper.  I figured he would blend in reasonably well with some of my other steampunk stuff and he has the added benefit that he doesn't look like he's just for Malifaux or just for Warmachine.

While painting the Junk-Bot (that's what I'm calling him anyway) I did get hit by an idea for another daddy-daughter project that should both be fun and something that might be incredibly useful in a couple of upcoming games....keep watching this space.....


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