Monday, 1 September 2014


Miss me?

Wow, I definitely think 6 weeks is the longest I've gone without a blog entry since I started this.  I have been travelling a bit for work lately but for the most part I just lost my hobby drive for a while there.  I won't bore everyone with the details but after a somewhat draining and somewhat distracting spell in the real world I am back on the hobby-train.

My first baby-step back is to show the fig that I had already been planning on doing 6 weeks ago and honestly took my all of an hour to do once I sat back down to my desk; Dogmeat!  For fans of Fallout 3 Dogmeat is the Lone Wanderers loyal canine companion.  The figure also works great as Max Rockatansky's unnamed dog from The Road Warrior.

This is another Reaper Bones mini that came as part of an animal/familiar pack along with a few other animals who might be showing up here in the next few weeks.

The next batch of blog entries will (hopefully) focus on mine and Zoe's planned entries in Strategies Games & Hobbies big annual painting competition.  Zoe is breaking with tradition and painting a cybernetically-enhanced-super-gorilla for the large model category and we are both doing some female zombies.

Good to be back!



  1. "Cybernetically-enhanced-super-gorilla". I'm a little jealous...

    1. Me too.....I wanted to keep that model for myself :(

  2. Fantastic, I'm happy to hear you are both entering the paint contest! I'll take pictures of both your entries displayed in the cabinets and send them to you.

    Nice to see a new blog entry from you. I've also been on blog hiatus.