Saturday, 8 November 2014

Cry Havoc and let slip the Raccoon of war!

I'll be devoting myself full-stop to producing miniatures for a D&D Next game I'll be running in December but before I kick that off I wanted to show off  a Heroclix re-paint that I'm not sure I really need for anything but I'm still incredibly excited to have...Rocket Raccoon!

I enjoyed a few movies that came out this year but Guardians Of The Galaxy stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Great action, great comedy and memorable characters.  I wanted to get the full team to actually play Heroclix with, and I have (minus Groot...not a single Groot model in all my packs) and I lucked into a few extras that will be great for other gaming as well.

Rocket is great to have because in addition to superhero gaming he should also work well when I circle back around to Gamma World early next year.

Starting tomorrow....back to where it all started for me 30 years ago....Dungeons & Dragons!