Friday, 21 November 2014

Thatchertown - The Campaign Begins!

I'll be kicking off both my first D&D Next game and taking my first stab at actually running a game on in just a couple of weeks now.

I'm planning on using this game (and another I'm running) to create and develop a campaign area that can be dropped into any (hopefully any) fantasy RPG world.  Eventually all of this information will be collected together into a PDF but I thought I'd put the first piece of setting information up here and see what everyone thinks of it.


                        Thatchertown – The adventure begins!

Thatchertown is a small settlement set deep into a nameless valley in the north lands.  The town of approximately 4500 is divided into quarters, it is bisected north-south by the old trade road and west-east by the ‘Five Points River’ which feeds into an underground lake located somewhere in the nearby mountain range.
The town was originally founded 15 years ago by Niles Thatcher and ‘The Company Of The Star’ upon their retirement from full-time adventuring.
The culture of the town is routed heavily in trade and barter is accepted as readily as coin for most purchases.  The average home in Thatchertown is two-storeys frequently with the ground floor functioning as some sort of business endeavour while the family living in the house lives on the second floor.
Thatchertown is very much a frontier town without any formal ties to nearby law and order and the domain in which it lies may or may not even be aware of it’s presence.  The town is none the less policed by a private militia in the employ of Niles Thatcher, who nominally report to the mayor of the town.
Upon first arrival in town there are three locations most adventurers will take immediate note of:
The Nightstar
The Nightstar is the local Inn and Public House.  It is owned and operated by Red Sheila the daughter of former Company Of The Star member Philos The Red.  The Nightstar is a three storey structure with the ground-floor being a tap-room/common area, the second floor houses 12 rooms for rent, and the third floor is the offices and private quarters of Red Sheila herself.
Chapel Of The Ancient Oak
The Chapel Of The Ancient Oak is less a proper name and more a description of the centre of all religious activity in town.  Elias Greenleaf (another member of the Company Of The Star) runs open religious services for all who wish to attend in the hollow yet somehow still living trunk of an impossibly ancient oak.   Elias is a Druid by profession but offers services and healing to all regardless of religious denomination.
The Longhouse

In the centre of town sits on of the town’s few one-storey buildings; The Longhouse.  The Longhouse is a massive building which serves as a combination town-hall/courthouse/mayor’s residence.  The current mayor of Thatchertown is Logar Whiteplume.


  1. I'm having troubles reading the fancy font...

    1. I believe it's also on the Campaign Journal. I'll e-mail it to you as a Word file so you can manipulate it if you want.