Saturday, 22 November 2014

An Owlbear for all seasons

As I mentioned the last time I painted an Owlbear miniature; I really like Owlbear miniatures.  It's one of those classic D&D monsters I feel like I could always paint another one of but it seems unlikely I'd ever need a bunch of them for an encounter.

Painting my Ice Gamin (and another fig still on my painting table) got me thinking about doing a few more winter themed models for fantasy gaming in general.  So thinking along those lines I decided to paint a Polar Owlbear.

This is another Reaper Bones model and I have to say in this case the Bones material held a high level of detail and was super easy to paint.  My only complaint about the model, and this would also be true of the original pewter version, is that I really don't like the pose.  It's very dynamic which is good but something about the way it's posed makes me frequently confuse which limbs are which.

I figure there are Snowy Owls and Polar Bears so why not a winter take on the classic Owlbear?


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