Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is it snowing yet?

Back in the day when I first started playing D&D and reading Fighting Fantasy novels one of the things I really enjoyed was the 'newness' of the monsters.  Although there were orcs and goblins and skeletons and so forth it seemed like every adventure there would be a new creature I'd never heard of that really helped fire the imagination.  As I get set for D&D Next I wanted to add in some creatures that my players won't feel like they've already seen a thousand times.

For our first adventure I wanted some cold weather themed baddies and the Rasputina crew for Malifaux had some models that fit the bill.

These are the Ice Gamin.  Basically artificial magical ice constructs in Malifaux, they will be getting some re-purposing and a slightly new background for our D&D game.  I'm looking forward to listing the rules I'm creating for these after my players have played their way through the encounter.

I also decided to paint the Ice Golem while I was at it (similar colour scheme) so I have it when I circle back to Malifaux but I have no intention of it appearing in a D&D game.

Next up; a little background on the area our campaign will be kicking off in!


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