Friday, 14 November 2014

Zoe's World - Beastborg

Zoe stayed home from school today and had to be off her feet so she had a chance to wrap up another painting project.

Zoe decided to paint the Reaper Bones robo-gorilla (sorry, I don't know the actual name).  Originally she was intending for this to be her first painting contest entry but she lost the painting bug before the contest and didn't really get it back until today.

"Beastborg" was one of those great examples of when someone tells you they have a plan and even though you can't see it while it's taking shape it turns out EXACTLY the way the hobbyist intended when it's all done.  While at a local comic store Zoe spotted GWs Moot Green paint and asked me if we could buy it for her gorilla, obviously we started off by discussing the fact that gorillas aren't green, then I mentioned that I already have 10-15 other shades of green but she was really insistent that she wanted this particular green for her gorilla.
Lately Zoe and I have been watching the Teen Titans animated series together and when she started painting Beastborg she asked me if I thought the green she picked was a good match for Beastboy's skin colour on the show.  As soon as she asked me that I realised she knew exactly what she wanted to do over 2 months ago when we first saw that paint in the shop.

Also, as per the artist's request please find below "The Zoe Collection" as it sits so far this year.

Wish I was as on-top of my creative process as she is......


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