Sunday, 15 May 2016

Here come the Hoops!

For those of you who didn't thing the Gallus Gallus were enough Gamma World flavour in my post-apocalyptic games I've now added the Hoops!

The Hoops are basically mutant bunny-men that have appeared in every edition of Gamma World.  In more recent editions they have been presented as more feral and malicious than in their original background.

First up is Echo with his pistol

Then we have E.B. with his shotgun

And lastly Bugs with his rifle

Two of the Hoops should show up in my next game of This Is Not A Test and then I hope to get onto some Porkers (pig-men).

I'm running out of weird animal hybrid models to paint so unless any of you have any suggestions I'll probably move onto retro-sci-fi robots next.



  1. Pig-Man number one incoming.

    If you watched Episode 3 of Swineland you might recall I got a free minigun....