Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mr Fixit-bot

I'm back and closer (always inching closer) to having a semi-permanent space for gaming and game related mayhem in my home.

I've actually gotten a fair bit of painting done over the past 3-4 week but I've been super-slack with taking pictures so hopefully I'll be able to post a bunch of stuff over the next week.

Tonight's contribution is a medi-bot from Aberrant Games Rezolution sci-fi minis game.  The truth is I haven't played Rezolution in years but I keep digging out their models to use for other games.  The medi-bot has been hauled out and re-purposed as a light duty construction robot for post-apocalyptic Fallout themed gaming.  Basically he's a Mr Handy if Mr Handy was less round and a bit more industrial.

My initial plan is to use Mr Fixit in games of This Is Not A Test if and when my mutants start adding members and if the long suffering Walter The Wobot shuffles off his mortal coil.

I have a second medi-bot that will actually be getting painted up as a medical robot but before I got around to him I got tons of awesome new figs (you'll be seeing over the next 10 days) that jumped the line ahead of it.




  1. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for other Fallout inspired robots (other than Brother Vinni, those are a bit small for my taste) please let me know.

  2. I will be heart broken if Walter dies in you TiNaT games.
    "Try Me!"

    1. Based on the feedback I've gotten through social media Walter is more popular than I am so I don't think he's going anywhere soon.

      I've got a feeling that at some point next year I'll need to make a warband for some kind of game comprised entirely of my 'all-stars' from other games.
      Walter The Wobot, Terror, Purple Drank, Madame Sybelle, etc