Saturday, 18 June 2016

A little bit of housekeeping

I wanted to put up a few odds and ends today that I finished a couple of weeks ago and never thought to post as well as update something that I'm going to be fixing/changing.

Quite awhile back I ordered a Reaper Bones Golem to do up as my Golem for Hunt The Golem for Frostgrave.  I never got around to playing through that scenario pack and given that Into The Breeding Pits is now looming in the horizon I may not for some time, however I was able to lend it to some friends to use so at least he's seen a tabletop now.

I started off going super basic on my golem with grey stone and a wash but that honestly looked a little too flat.  I went back and added a few metallic elements and gave the clothing a light green wash over the existing stone colour just to  make it a bit more visually interesting.

Next up I finished my next 7 zombies from Zombicide Black Plague.  I'm really enjoying these figures and now that I have 3 of the variants done they don't look quite so repetitive on the tabletop.  Having said that thought now that I have a decent number of them finished (21 so far) and I've actually use them a few times I've run into a different issue.

Their basing, or lack thereof.  Originally I was content to just paint them up and leave the bases plain as that worked okay for the board game.  Now that I'm using them with other miniatures it's the one thing that makes them look a bit weak.  I've decided this week to go back and chop them all off their bases and remount them on cobblestone bases like my current D&D and Frostgrave minis which should also make them look more coherent when I blend them into my Age Of Sigmar Army.

For my cobblestone bases I have been using a 1" punch to punch out textured plasticard and then trimming it to fit on top of standard 25mm bases.

I'll paint up 21 of these this week and then pin my existing models onto the finished bases.  That should hopefully finally dispel the obvious fact that they are board game pieces being re-purposed for war-gaming.

Now what to do next......


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