Thursday, 9 June 2016


Tonight I finished my first "official" This Is Not A Test miniature from World's End Publishing, the Depend-O-Bot!

The Depend-O-Bot is a multi-purpose humanoid robot chassis that can be equipped for multiple different needs.  It is one of the standard commonly appearing robots of the This Is Not A Test game universe.

I really appreciate that This Is Not A Test is a system usable with any and all of my existing post-apocalyptic miniatures but at the same time they make some really cool stuff that I'm looking forward to painting as well.

I've currently got 6 more World's End models to get done this week and then I'm on hold until my Peacekeepers arrive in September (unless I break down and order more stuff before then).

My apocalypse is getting a bit robot-heavy so we're on to some mutants tomorrow.



  1. your TiNaT games w/ Ash are the best. Love to see new projects come up in the battles

    1. Fun fact; so far every model in my warband was either bought in your store or in your living room :)

      In the next game the War Hogs will start to make an appearance.