Saturday, 25 June 2016

This is how the world ends.....

My mutant animal farm continues to grow and expand!

After my last game of This Is Not A Test the forces of the Colonel's Revenge were able to get their hands/paws/wings on a mini-gun salvaged from a ruined tank in the wasteland.  This turned out really well as I didn't lose any of my warband members and accrued enough barter script to recruit a new follower.

So a little bit of chopping and swapping later and I've got the first of my mutant Porkers (pig-men) to add to the Gallus Gallus and the Hoops.

The figure itself is a Wrath Of Kings Union worked with the sword arm chopped off midway up the forearm and then replaced with a GW Terminator Assault Cannon.  In addition I trimmed the round shield up into an octagon shape to re-purpose it a stop sign and a fantasy themed figure suddenly feels like it fits into a sci-fi game.

I'm bouncing around on a few things right now so I honestly have no idea what the next fig showing up on the blog will be.


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