Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Dial "9" for MEAN!!

I've been bouncing back and forth on mutants and survivors for my post-apocalyptic gaming lately so today I landed on a model that covers both; Mean Machine Angel.

Mean is a member of the infamous Angel gang from the Cursed Earth of Judge Dredd comics.  The Angel family was basically a bunch of cannibals where a couple of them (Mean and I think Fink but I'm not 100% sure) where also heavily mutated or impaired by the radiation of the Cursed Earth.

I'm hoping to get some Judge Dredd games in this year but I could also use Mean in games of This Is Not A Test or even Gamma World.  I'm also hoping to get my hands on more of Foundry's version of the Angel gang but that can be difficult at best in my part of the world (or any part of the world that isn't the U.K. for that matter).  If not I'll mix Warlord and Foundry models together and hope their scales are similar.

I'm also newly energised to paint some scenario specific models for This Is Not A Test so some zombies and a trade caravan could be on the way shortly.


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