Sunday, 9 April 2017

Review - Green Stuff World roller (cobblestone)

One of the things that has evolved a lot over the 30+ years I've been painting miniatures is the level of complexity and detail people put into their miniature's bases.  Back in the day role-players typically just painted the chunk of metal a miniature was standing on as some kind of rock whereas miniature gamers would usually apply some sort of 'turf' usually painted sand or coloured flock.  These days there are loads of miniature companies out there producing textured bases, I myself have been cutting plasti-card and using that to dress up my bases for RPGs.

A week or so ago I picked up a green-stuff roller by Green Stuff World from my FLGS, I haven't had cause to use it as I've been trying to match existing bases but this morning my daughter decided she wanted to take another crack at painting and she wanted a fancy base.  So I hauled out the roller and finally gave it a try.

First up I have to say that it was incredibly easy to use.  I just filled the recess in a 30mm base with green stuff, moistened the top and then rolled over it.  The entire thing took less than 5 minutes to execute and clean up afterwards.

I'm pretty happy with the result (I could have filled that one edge more) but as you can see the texture came out fairly crisply.

Now that I've used this once I think it's time for a return trip to get some more rollers!  I just wish I'd figured this out before I started basing my Teknes models.


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