Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Spiders! Big Spiders!

One of the things I've been looking at lately when I need models for fantasy games is some figures that not only would work across multiple games but for multiple player audiences.

For Rangers Of Shadow Deep I needed some giant spiders but I'm also looking for some fun (but not quite chibi) looking models to use in my D&D games with my daughter.  So basically I wanted something with cartoonier proportions that looked a bit more unique.  I also decided I really wanted to get away from the classic spider colour-schemes of dark greys, browns or blacks.

I ended up getting a bunch of packs of Battleclaw monsters from Toys R Us (yes we still have those in Canada) on clearance.  These were great packs, and you'll see more of them in the next week or two, as they came with 2 monsters in each pack for less than a dollar.  The Battleclaw monsters have a vaguely Pokemon aesthetic which works for what I was going for and should be suitable baddies for my daughter to fight in D&D.

Colour-wise I wanted bright but not too bright and basically landed on Spider-Man's costume colours.

They were cheap, easy to paint, turned out well (I think) and still have more than enough size and mass to feel like a threat in a 28mm miniature game.



  1. Thanks!
    It's always nice to find something different and useful (not to mention cheap!)