Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Alexia's Triumvirate of Thralls done!

Alexia's final (for now) Thrall is done!

Yet another cool Reaper miniature that I bought years ago without really knowing what I was ever going to use it for and now it's ready to saddle up and play some games!

Next stop on the Witchfire train will be Alexia herself and then I need some waterlogged zombies and a Thrullg.



  1. Awesome Jay! Gives me hope that someday I'll paint all the random 1 offs I've grabbed so far.
    And update more often!!

    1. Thanks Jordan!
      Unfortunately I've fallen WAY short of my goal of doing daily updates (by year end it looks like it will average out to one update every 2-3 days).

      What's interesting about clearing through my backlog of figures is it hasn't slowed down how much new stuff I've been painting, it just complements it nicely.