Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Devil's Night Devil

I mentioned this morning that I decided to add something to my painting mix for the week.

I've had this figure kicking around for 4-5 years and truth be told I have no plans to use it for any game anytime soon but it suddenly hit me today that I'm not using Halloween the way I usually do to motivate me to do a project so I figured I'd shoehorn this (and tomorrow's fig as well) in to make me feel like I participated hobby-wise in the holiday.

So it might be obvious but for 'Devil's Night' I've painted the devil-looking-demon from the Helldorado Demons starter box.  I got a bunch of Helldorado miniatures when they first came out and I think most of them are fantastic but the ones that really drew me in were the various "damned" figures in the demon line.  Not being familiar with the game rules at the time I bought the figures I also bought the starter box for my chosen faction but because none of the figs in that box really excited me I never painted any of them until today.

This devilish looking fellow seems like he would serve as a great stand in for a lot of different games but somehow I can't escape the weird feeling that I've painted a figure so I can wargame Tenacious D videos......


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